The final victory is within reach!
report of the victorious fleet!

Report of events that took place during Juzuv's Big Badventure operation.
Full and truthful report, unbiased and objective story!

Enemies tremble as new victorious fleet lands a devastating blow to their morale!

E-Y sortie

After heroic sacrifice of golden zilla fleet a new doctrine was devised to devastate the enemies and humble them, leaving no room for doubt as to who will be achieving final victory! Badventure strike group has departed from home system of E-YJ8G to immediately punish the unsuspecting group of hostile tristan class frigates with destroyer support passing from
the newly claimed space. Panic struck the ill prepared enemy as they encountered the fleet, causing them to suffer major loses and losing their drone autonomous systems. This ultimately forced them to withdraw and retreat.

Assault on KBP7-G pocket

With morale and spirits raised by the victory, fleet advanced towards JEIV-E where they forced a battlecruiser class ship to withdraw from field when faced with the overwhelming force. Hostiles in nearby KBP7-G system meanwhile received reports of the fleet advancing towards their positions and retreated immediately. With enemy lines crumbling, more and more enemy forces withdrew, vacating even their Y-MPWL line.

Bloodbath of MVCJ-E

Achieving this major victory inspired the FC to further pressure the hostiles and order was given to advance to meet the enemy fleet composed of battlecruiser class ships that was reported to advance towards the MVCJ-E. After arriving ahead of the hostiles, fleet has set up a tactical ambush on one of the stargates. As the FC predicted, one of the enemy ships made the grave mistake of splitting itself and running head first into the victorious fleet. Hostile sleipnir class command battlecruiser was quickly encircled and started taking unsustainable damage. Forced to call for reinforcements, enemy FC had to send full fleet to assist the command ship that was on verge of destruction. Victorious fleet decided to disengage and withdraw to regroup as the primary goal of hampering the hostile advance was achieved. Enemies, after having their morale shaken from their encounter with badventure doctrine, had no other choice but to slowly withdraw from the allied space.

Victorious return

Fleet then proceeded towards newly claimed system of F4R2-Q, driving the enemies ahead of its victorious arms and securing the peace in the allied space. This operation has resulted into major victory that left the hostile forces in ruin. The final victory is now awaiting nobody but us!